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Dongguan Rongxiang Hardware Co.,Ltd.has precise production equipment , complete inspection and professional technicians,specializing in the manufacture of various cold punch,forming punch,hexagonal punch,tungsten steel hexagonal punch,pium biosson punch,rivit punch,four-angie punch,five-angie punch,octagonal punch,special-shaped punch and other accessories. 。Accumulate more than 20 years of experience in the industry,in line with the“reputation for development,quality for survival”business purpose,widely serving the hardware,plastices,electronics,electrical appliances,autonobiles,stationery and other industries. We always adhere to the enterprise concept of“faster delivery,more sophisticated products,more reasonable prices, better after-sales service ”,and wholeheartedly serve the vast number of new and old custonmers。

Product Catagories

Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of cold punch ,forming punch rod, hexagonal punch rod ,tungsten steel hexagonal punch rod, plum blossom punch rod , rivet punch , four-corner punch , five-corner punch ,eight-corner punch , twelve-corner punch rod, special-shaped punch rod and other accessories.

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