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Company Introduction

Founded in 1992, Wenzhou Zhongte Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-performance wire reeling machines and stainless-steel standard Fasteners. The company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation. After more than 20 years of practice, the company's technicians have developed a reeling machine with 7 national invention patents, which has contributed to the energy saving, emission reduction and scientific development of the industry!

Product Catagories

High-performance screw thread rolling machine series:1. Energy saving thread rolling machine without sliding plate(M3-M33)2. Multi-function double-head screw thread rolling machine (intelligent recognition of the size of the end of workpieces)3. Double-head long screw synchronous thread rolling machine(automatic loading and unloading, the length of thread rolling can reach around 100mm-600mm)4. Thread rolling machine with automatic online rolling quality detection (using artificial intelligence techniques)

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