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Company Introduction

Handan Meijianli Hardware Manufacturing CO., LTD (MEIJIANLI) is a large fastener manufacturer with capability of design, development, production and sale of all kinds of fasteners in China.Our main production includes various types of construction fasteners: Self-drilling screws, plastic anchors, External wall insulation anchors, metal anchors, chemical anchors and threaded rod bars. At the same time, we have the capacity of taking orders of non-standard fasteners design, research, development and final manufacture.Our company has been ISO9001 certificated (international quality management system certification). Not only this, MEIJIANLI has also an independent laboratory and quality inspection office, so that with the quality supervision and inspection of our product everywhere, it can be ensured that pass rate of the manufactured products is 100%.Until now, our product has been exported to: North America, Europe, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, South Korea and other countries and regions. We have established a good working relationship with numerous large international dealers and distributors, such as KIDKRAFT INC from US, Yardistry Limited from Canada, etc. Meanwhile, we are providing OEM processing services for many large international brands. Until now, our annual value of exports has exceeded $ 20 million.

Product Catagories

Self-drilling screws,Plastic anchor,Metal anchor,Resin anchor,Threaded rod, Chemical anchor

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