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Company Introduction

Jiangsu Demaine environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, installation and service. The equipment produced by the company is mainly used in metal processing oil mist, oil fume control, production dust control, machine tool / industrial oil mist control, paint mist / industrial waste gas treatment, etc. Has been committed to the industrial production environment of air purification equipment technology research and development, manufacturing and system integration scheme design. The company's dedicated and persistent investment in the research and development of the oil removal and purification industry ensures that the products are in a stable position in technology. The products occupy a certain market in China in the field of industrial waste gas and air purification, especially the treatment of oil fume and oil mist, It is also trusted and recognized by most European and American enterprises investing in China and domestic leading enterprises in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery, electronics, die casting, chemical fiber and other high-end manufacturing industries, and has become a loyal user of Demaine products.

Product Catagories

Industrial physical oil mist filter, oil fume filter

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