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Tianjin xinruifeng technology co, LTD, founded in 2015, islocated in the baalitai taida industrial zone, jinnan district, tianjin,China.The company's equipment all from Taiwan, yuanxu, jiashan, aienmachinery, annual output of quality multi-brand screws, the totalamount of a breakthrough of30,000 tons, the enterprise's development momentum continues to rise steadily.The company's customer-cloud-centric operation system is becomingmore and more perfect, and it has developed into a national fastenerresearch and development, production, customization, salespromotion as one of the systematic comprehensive enterprises. The company insists on strict management, brings out first-class talents and equipment, produces high-quality products, and createsglobal strategic thought of"weinan and"yulong jian"series brands.Companies adhere to the"strives for the survival by the market,to service for development, to the quality and enterprise, in a spirit ofbrand tree, in line with the"not forget that the beginner's mind. tenyears trees, ents in one hundred" the management idea, xin sharpness abundant production of screw more nearly hundred kinds of products best-selling country, exported to Russia, Ukraine, USA, Brazil, India,Egypt, the Philippines, Pakistan, Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia and otherdozens of countries and regions.We are willing to cooperate sincerely with the elites of theindustry and work together to create a better future. Sincerely welcome customers and friends at home and abroad to our company to visit and exchange, visit guidance.

Product Catagories

Horn head drywall nail Horn head drywall nail(coarse tooth) Fiberboard nail High strength self tapping screw Pointed tail Huasi nailSpecial shaped self tapping screw Countersunk head drill tail nail Hua driller’s tail nail Hexagon drilling tail nail Horn head dry wall drilling tail nail Double ear screw Panhead self tapping screw

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