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Company Introduction

Suzhou Jungu Precision Moulding is a professional carbide dies manufacturer. We Provide Customized Solutions to Carbide Fastener Tools for All Industry. we specializing in the production of standard and non-standard fasteners dies, tungsten carbide dies. Jungu specializes in producing long lasting, high quality, carbide cold heading dies for the heading industry. We understand the extreme pressure cold heading and cold forming dies are put under, so we have applied our expertise to make sure your dies last longer. Using our dies saves your time and money. With our cold heading dies you save money by not having to buy as many dies, by having less down time (more parts produced) and by saving on labor due to less frequent replacements. Jungu achieves these results by using a variety of methods including high polish finishes and more effective grades of tungsten carbide. Jungu also provides cold heading dies at an average of 15-25% lower than our competitors, which means even more money in your pockets.Our goal is to provide you with the ability to beat your customer’s expectations, by providing your operations the ability to create superior products at a lower cost. Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and get the Competitive Edge!

Product Catagories

Our main products including Carbide Dies ,Tungsten Carbide Dies, Bolt Dies, Nut Dies, header punch, punch Dies, case ,Inserts, Carbide tooling, and other custom-made dies.

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