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Company Introduction

Dongtai Ruihang New Material Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dongtai Ruihang stainless steel products factory, has successfully served large and small enterprises at home and abroad after 8 years of accumulation and precipitation.Looking forward to the future, we will continue to be realistic and pragmatic, continue to innovate, serve customers wholeheartedly with high quality and high standards, expand production capacity, take the collectivization route, further realize the scale of production, constantly strengthen brand construction and promotion, make "jsrh" an excellent national brand, and pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection while creating more beneficial value for the society, Be an excellent corporate citizen. Ruihang technology is looking forward to deeper cooperation with friends from all walks of life, win-win and common prosperity, and create a more leap forward development future! The company is located in Qindong Town, a famous stainless steel town in Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province. It is close to Xinchang railway and national highway 204 in the East, National Highway 324 in the South and Yanjing Expressway in the West. The company specializes in producing a series of stainless steel special-shaped products such as various non-standard parts, standard parts, tooth bars, single head (double head) bolts, U-bolts, expansion bolts, chemical anchor bolts, sheep horn bolts, floor bolts, universal adjusting feet, flanges, etc. the company provides stainless steel universal adjusting foot cups, directional adjusting foot cups, and supports customization of various hexagon socket bolts, union bolts External hexagon slotted nut, external hexagon head perforated screw, carriage bolt, U-bolt, stud bolt, hexagon nut, round nut, screw, pin shaft, non-standard parts, etc. The main materials are 304, 321, 316, 316L, 904, 2507, 2205, 317L, 904L, C-276, titanium steel, alloy steel and other materials. The main processes include cold heading, cutting, forging, customized production of national standard, German standard, American Standard and other products according to the specific needs of customers. Ruihang will dedicate one ideal work after another to our customers based on customer demand and customer satisfaction. All employees of Ruihang technology sincerely welcome leaders to visit and guide!

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Stainless steel directional adjusting foot cup, universal adjusting foot cup, U-bolt, outer hexagon bolt, inner hexagon bolt, ball head integrated bolt and other bolts and nuts are customized for non-standard parts

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