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Company Introduction

Dongguan Yibiao was established in June 2021, and has advanced imported machines: 15 single-mode heading cold heading machines, 4 multi-function cold heading machines, 14 tooth rubbing machines, a bending machine, a laser cutting machine, 8 punching presses and supporting processing equipment such as lathes, drilling machines and grinders. The company's testing equipment is advanced and complete, with perfect instrument testing room and professional testing personnel. The main supporting testing equipment includes: 1 computer image optical screening machine, Micro-hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, salt spray tester, secondary component, TOHNICHI torque meter, Mitutoyo micrometer, Mitutoyo caliper, Chengcheng and KKS thread ring gauge, Chengcheng and KKS thread plug gauge, NHK plug gauge, hexavalent chromium boiling test, altimeter, hydrogen embrittlement test device

Product Catagories

Non-standard customized hardware such as new energy vehicles, sports equipment, 5G communication equipment and electronic appliances

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