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Company Introduction

Yuyao Benchuang Mould Factory is a professional enterprise engaged in r & D and production of various high-precision multi-stroke screw moulds. Founded in 2009, the factory is dedicated to developing and serving customers in the Yangtze River Delta region. Since its establishment, the company has been supported and affirmed by the majority of customers in the country. The company's independent research and development of opening and closing die is widely recognized and praised by the screw related enterprises, technology is currently a leading position in China. We in the spirit of professional production and sales: stroke more special mould, six pieces of combination die (four pieces) type, three chip, combining a model casing combination mode, triangular module, all rush on tungsten (bag), literally die, punching shell, scissors, shear modulus, the mould ejector sleeve, thimble cases, set piece, casing, jump clip, strong beam mode, special mold comprehensive tungsten steel mold, such as different eccentric. Our production of mold alloy: Taiwan alloy, Japanese alloy and other high-end mold are produced, the real to provide customers with inexpensive mold. I plant advanced production equipment complete, high processing precision, reasonable and smooth process. The factory has dozens of high precision machine tools, such as turning, milling, grinding, wire cutting, edM and mold production equipment, as well as high precision projector, image instrument, hardness tester, with the heart, needle plug gauge and other testing equipment. Inner aperture precision can be controlled within 0.01mm, concentricity can be controlled within 0.01mm. We adhere to the concept: quality first, price concessions, thoughtful service. We are willing to grow together with our partners, to the future and create hope!

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