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Kobe Steel said that nearly 90 customers did not confirm the safety of the products

2017-11-01    Author:   Views:1167    

In Oct. 26th, Japan Kobe Steel said that there are 88 customers didn’t confirm the safety of products but didn’t receive the recall requirement which includes 26 foreign companies.  

Some of Kobe's products have lost the Japanese industrial standard (JIS) certification. Kobe Steel’s Hatano copper tube plant southwest of Tokyo has been inspected by a certification company to see whether it has complied with the JIS in terms of quality management systems and product specifications.


“We have been told by the certification company that the JIS H 3300 certificate for copper and copper alloy seamless tubes has been revoked due to improper quality management at the plant,” a Kobe Steel spokesman said before the news conference.

As a result of the revocation, it will be no longer able to sell those products with the JIS label. But they can still be sold without the certificate. The JIS-certified products account for about 40 percent of Hatano’s sales by weight, the company said.

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