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The Concurrent Events in International Fastener Show China

2017-12-04    Author:   Views:1287    

IFS China 2018 will supply the latest fastener industrial information and global fastener industry development to professionals, purchasers and manufacturers from home and abroad. Face to face communication is the best learning and sharing to improve your business.

The Five Regions Fastener Association Conference 2018
The Five Regions Fastener Association Conference 2018 will be held by China Fastener Industry Association of China General Machine Components Industry Association during the International Fastener Show China 2018. There are more than 200 representatives from fastener associations and enterprises representatives taking part in the conference who are from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.
The conference supplies the platform for everyone in Asia to communicate with each other and build up relationship between each country. In the conference, representatives will gather the fastener information and clear understanding of development in fastener industry in mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

European & Americas Fastener Industries Collaboration Exchange Conference 2018
This conference will attract professional fastener enterprises from Europe and Americas to join which will improve the communication between fastener professionals around the world. Information exchange, Information sharing, communication is the basic target of conference. It is the platform for fastener manufacturing companies and distributors to connect with each others. This is an International fastener conference for gathering the latest and hottest information and prospect of development in fastener industry at home and abroad.

Theme Lecture of Fastener Technologies Exchange

 China Fastener Industry Association will adhere to the good tradition, in line with the purpose of serving the industry and the members. According to the fastener industrial characteristic and advantages, CFIA will supply key speech, information publish, product display, business negotiation, free communication, and business consultation to the members. It can transfer the industrial information, market demands and getting information between the enterprises.

International Fastener Show China

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