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BenHai Machinery Factory of HongKong and ZhaoQing Booth No. H2-931

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International Fastener Show China

The company was established in 2004, which is executive chairman unit of Guangdong Province Hardware Electromechanical Business Association. It has introduced the advanced technology from Japan and Taiwan, specializing in researching and manufacturing standard component machines. Through the sustainable and steady development and profound research, some products of the company have obtained patents: new type three-die-three-blow multi-station cold header, new type dual-rail heading machine, new type thread rolling machine, new type boundary pit machine, etc. Besides, many products are applying for patents. 

Its screw machines have absorbed advanced configuration from Japan and Taiwan and have been improved through efforts. The amount of specifications of total products is 180. Some products have their own features: M10-360C, M6-320, M14-250C the mould preparation dual-rail-two-blow full automatic extremely long length cold header, MR10-800 the “arbitrary length” automatic open die re-header, MC16-200B the extremely long length 2-die-4-blow cold header, MC8-70A the 2-die-2-blow cold header, X8-100B the extra-large edge trimming machine, cold header for 4-die-4-blow, 3-die-3-blow and 2-die-3-blow, new type thread rolling machine, tubular riveting machine, blind rivet heading machine, nail machine, wire drawing machine, etc. 

Key Products:

Multi-station machines:
MC16-200B extremely long length 2-die-4-blow heading machine
MC5-40B 3-die-6-blow heading machine 
ME6-70C 4-die-4-blow heading machine 
MC8-70A 2-die-2-blow heading machine 
Two-blow heading machine:
M10-360C, M6-320C, M14-250C, MR10-800 “arbitrary length” automatic open die re-header 
Thread rolling machines:
R16-220B, R12-220B, CTR8 (gear grinding) thread rolling machine, etc.

International Fastener Show China

International Fastener Show China

The main products are: 
2-die-4-blow cold header for different specification, such as (extremely long length) MC16-200B, MC8-80A, MC6-80B;
4-die-4-blow cold header, such as ME10-110C, ME6-70C;
3-die-3-blow cold header, such as MC10-90C, MC8-80C;
3-die-6-blow cold header, such as MC5-40B;
2-die-3-blow cold header, such as MF8-80B, MF6-60B;
2-die-2-blow cold header MC8-70A, MC6-50C;

“arbitrary length” automatic open die re-header, such as MR10-800, MR8-600;

automatic open die re-header, such as MR10-130B, MR8-90B, MR5-60B.

International Fastener Show China

Company contact: Mr. Chan

Tel: +86-758-3625886
Mobile: +86-13902819732
Fax: +86 758-3638739
Address: Guangdong Zhaoqing Da Wang high and New Development Zone 

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