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Shanghai Minmetals is a professional supplier having been in line of Fasteners business since 1949. With our short lead times, competitive prices, consistently reliable high quality products, we enjoy perfect reputation in the international market. 1/3 of our turnover is for OEM processing for well-known fasteners groups over the world. 
We are specialized in providing innovative design and can also customize our products based on the need of clients. Our alloy-steel and stainless steel Fasteners for high temperature are ideal for use in Exhaust manifold,  Turbo Charger,  Diesel Engine and Petrol Engine, etc.  Shanghai Minmetals positions herself as your reliable business partner for the fasteners and automotive fasteners industry.

Main Products:Cold forged Alloy-steel and stainless steel Fasteners for high temperature of 700-1000℃ with High Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, and Anti-Seizing are ideal for use in Auto Engine and Exhaust System.

Contact Information:
Zhufen Pu
Tel:+86-21-5229 2876

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