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Korean Companies Show up in IFS China with KFFIC

2018-10-14    Author:   Views:1201    

KFFIC has worked to enhance the interests of South Korean fastener industry and to network between member companies since 2007.

One of our missions is to have more member companies, aiming at a membership of more than 200 in ten years. For the members, KFFIC will have represented the interests and the voice of fastener industry. In addition, this website will be the best platform for KFFIC membership to network each other and to obtain invaluable information about the industry.

Booth No.:  H3- 1622  DAIJIN BOLT IND INC.

Booth No. : H3- 1620   Jinhap Co., Ltd.

JINHAP, founded in 1978 as a fastener specialty manufacturer, has been a leader in automobile fastening technology and precision forged products. 

JINHAP has been a key supplier to automobile makers in Korea and the exporter to global tier companies.
Product Introduction
- Power Train Bolt : Precision forging technology products with high strength and excellent heat resistance to withstand the vibration and heat cycling from the engine
- Precision Forged Products : Precision forging process as a replacement for machining providing groundbreaking cost savings and quality, often improving the mechanical characteristics in the finished products.
- Precision Forged Product Enhanced by Machining : Products that are processed by conventional forging and precision machining process to create complex shapes, resulting in superior cost savings and increased product quality.

Booth No.: H3-1626 Shinjin Fastners Co., Ltd.
We are Korean manufacturer that produces cold forged fasteners for all kinds of industrial uses, such as construction, wind power, solar energy, petro-chemical and etc. We serve our customers’ needs based on our expertise.

Core Products: Hex Head Bolts, Hex Head Cap Screws, Flange Bolts, and etc.

Booth No.: H3- 1628 Sunil Dyfas Corp.

Sunil has experience more than 30 years for automotive fastener and cold forging parts and Sunil 
Is Tier 1 supplier of Hyundai & Kia motors, GM, SSANGYONG Motors.
We will be the global leading company to create customer value by providing TOTAL SOLUTION
Through fastening and precision forming technology.
Product Introduction
Engine bolt : It assembling with cylinder head block or bearing cap or fly wheel or connecting rod
Hub bolt: It is one of safety part and assembling with wheel and stability of driving.
Breaking bolt: Enhancing technique for perfect braking and quality

Cold forging parts: Can supply critical parts with precision technology

Booth No. H3-1617 Taeyang Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.
Taeyang Metal is the representative cold forging company at Korea with more than 6 decades of experience. We operate across the continents, such as China, India, USA (Michigan) and Mexico.
Especially, we have many experiences with many OEMs and other automotive part companies.

Core Products:Engine fastener, Steering cold forging item, Hub bolt; Brake parts Chassis fasteners

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