First combined rolling mill in Africa

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Prometal Acierie has awarded SMS group the order to supply a new hot rolling mill for rebars, sections and wire rod. The new rolling mill will be designed for the production of straight rebars, angles, channels, flats, squares, beams and wire roil coils- enabling Prometal to expand its products portfolio, covering as much as possible the product mix for long steel products.

With this investment, long steel producer Prometal Acierie, based in Douala, Cameroon, is going tp install the first combined rolling mill in the African region. The rolling mill will be designed for a maximum overall capacity of approximately 300,000 tonnes per years.

Starting with 130mm2 billets, which will be heated up in a 60 tonnes per hur modern pushertype furnace, the mill will be able to produce rebars from 8 mm to 32 mm, sections such as 100 mm high beams and channels, and smooth rounds in coil from 5.5 mm to 1 2 mm.

The state of the art HSD (High Speed Delivery) system can reach the full production capacity for the complete size range, increasing the material yield. The high-speed finishing block will produce quality wire rod coils at minimized operational costs. Moreover, the rolling will be controlled by a Level 2 automation system provided by SMS group.

The combined mill, completely supplied by SMS group, will become the new reference benchmark for the market in terms of high technology, quality, efficiency and low operational cost in Africa.

Commissioning of the new rolling mill is scheduled for December 2019.

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