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Total Car Sales in Malaysia in 2018 Increased by 3.83%

2019-01-23    Author:   Source:   Views:856    

Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has recently announced the sales of various vehicle types in Malaysia in 2018. The combined sales of all vehicle types reached 59,8714 units (up 3.83% from 576,635 units in 2017); sedans reached 533,202 units (up 3.6% from 514,679 units in 2017); commercial vehicles reached 65,512 units.


Malaysia’s 2nd largest car manufacturer, Kancil, showed the highest sales in sedans in 2018 to 227,243 units (representing 37.95 of the total sales); Japanese Honda showed the sales of 65,551 units (representing10.95%); local car brand Proton showed the sales of 64,744 units (representing 10.81%).


The total hybrid car sales in Malaysia in 2018 reached 18,754 units. BMW showed the highest sales to 7,434 units, followed by Nissan (5,826 units), Honda (3,625 units), Volvo (919 units), Toyota (852 units) and Mini (98 units).

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