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MASCOMETAL CO., LTD(Booth No.H1-1907)

2019-05-28    Author:   Source:   Views:529    

Mascometal Co., a Joint Venture established by Maan-shan Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd. Asco Industries and Maanshan Yushan district city-investment Group in Maanshan City.

The Joint Venture is to develop and to produce special steel for auto parts by a combination of technology,capital and customer ad-vantages from both parties.With its target market in China mainlandand Asian-Pacific region,the Joint Venture will expand globally gradu-ally.  

The Business scope of the Joint Venture Company is developing,manufacturing,trading,importing and exporting steel wires,steel barsas well as finishing steel products for automobile industry,and provid-ing customized after-sale service and technical support.

The production scale of the Joint Venture Company shall be 200,000 tons at the end of year 2020, and the ultimate goal shall reach400,000tons.

Contact:Guozheng Shen


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