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SACMA Machinery (Wuxi) Co. Ltd(Booth No.H1-1529)

2019-05-29    Author:   Source:   Views:432    

Sacma Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SACMA Limbiate Spa in China. SACMA Limbiate was founded in 1939 by Mr. Valerio Rampezzotti and it is a world leader in design and production of progressive headers, combined headers, warm formers, thread rollers. Since its foundation, SACMA has continued to grow and develop, and has won worldwide recognition and praise for its outstanding achievements in the quality of precision molding technology. At the same time, it is known as having the most modern and advanced factory in the world.

Contact:Lucia Pastore 

TEL:+86 13764313264

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