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Changshu City Standard Parts Factory(Booth No.H2-812)

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Changshu City Standard Parts Factory is a key enterprise in the fastener industry of China Machinery Industry Federation, and an import and export  company with processing right of imported materials approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.  It is also a large national GradeⅡenterprise.

The factory is located in Changshu Southeast Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 500,000 square meters, with building area up to 250,000 square meters and total assets amounting to 1.02 billion RMB. There are 1,120 employees, of which the engineers and technicians account for 15.7%.

The registered trademark is “DALI”, and the product identification is “CS”. The products series include bolts, nuts, screws, fasteners, non-standard parts and precise parts. The annual yield of 2007 reached 150,000 tons, with turnover being 1.09 billion RMB and export value being 41.94 million USD, making the factory currently the biggest production base of high strength fastener parts in China.

The factory has over 1,800 sets of main equipments, over 600 sets of all kinds of fastener cold heading machines,  and 13 heat treating production lines, with annual output of high strength fasteners (≥8.8 level) reaching 120,000 tons.

The main products:bolts, nuts, screws, fasteners, non-standard parts and precise parts.

Contact:Zheng Wu


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