Complete torque trace-ability for vehicle component manufacturers

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For component suppliers to the automotive industry, delivering high-quality parts along with complete trace-ability is demanded by vehicle manufacturers. In the production process of cars, buses or motorcycles, each and every single component needs to be traceable back to its point of manufacture.

In the event of a safety recall, manufacturers must be able to isolate any affected vehicles. For suppliers to these manufacturers, displaying good discipline and compliance in these areas makes them more likely to remain a preferred supplier. Quality verification is therefore a critical and vital area of their assembly process, ensuring the final quality and safety levels are always achieved, whilst also ensuring there is total trace-ability in their assembly data records, as required by law.

The final stages of quality auditing and verification are perhaps the most important of all the quality checks that occur during the entire assembly process. For component suppliers there is a requirement for solutions to enable them to measure and audit the installed torque on critical fasteners and joints contained within components of an assembled vehicle.

Crane Electronics, an expert in torque measurement, offers a series of tools and data collectors that allow production and quality departments to inspect, review and store important assembly data on their systems – making it easy to trace and isolate any potential issues. This data can then easily be communicated to vehicle manufacturers.

Crane has an extensive knowledge and experience of supplying complete assembly torque assessment solutions for vehicle component manufacturers. These solutions include digital torque wrenches and torque transducers to measure the applied torque levels. Plus, torque data collectors and analyzers, alongside intelligent torque management software systems, to view, record and store this important assembly data. The complete torque management solutions offered allow component manufacturers to deliver complete peace of mind to vehicle manufacturers who in turn can do the same for their end users.

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