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Be Confident to fight against coronavirus

2020-02-12    Author:   Source:Chinadaily   Views:455    

In December 2019, a new coronavirus first broke out in Wuhan, Hubei province, and then spread across the country. In a bid to curb the epidemic, the Chinese government made a decision to quarantine Wuhan on Jan 23, and other provinces and cities including Beijing and Shanghai have also taken strict prevention and control measures. At the same time, the Spring Festival holiday has been extended across the country to reduce people flows to the lowest possible level, and people from the mostly affected epidemic areas have been encouraged to voluntarily report and self-observe at home to curb community-wide dissemination of the virus.

coronavirus,Chinese fastener industry

According to statistics, by 10:00 on February 12, 2020, there were 44,742 confirmed cases in China. By far the highest recorded cases of infection continue to be in Hubei province, alone accounting for 33,366. Zhejiang province, which has a major focus on fastener production, ranks fourth with 1,131 cases. Last week it was reported that Ningbo and other cities in the province were under stringent lockdowns, restricting people from leaving their accommodation.

However, initial reports from sources in the Chinese fastener industry indicate that some but not all fastener factories have begun returning to work this week, after the enforced extension of the Chinese New Year holiday. Anecdotal reports from the Chinese fastener industry suggest factory operating capacities range from 50% to 100%, with the median for larger factories around 80%. Factories expect more workers to gradually return, increasing output.

coronavirus,Chinese fastener industry,International Fastener Show China

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