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New opportunities for automotive fastener enterprises!

2020-08-11    Author:International Fastener Show China   Views:351    

At present, the automotive industry is still one of the key areas to promote the demand for fasteners, and it is also one of the important terminal areas of industrial fasteners. In recent years, the rapid development of China's automotive market has promoted the high-quality development of automotive fasteners.

With the support of the central and local encouragement policies, the domestic automobile market will create a new market bureau, and the demand for automobile fasteners will gradually increase. It can be said that the new opportunities of automobile fasteners in the future are coming one after another. But with the increasingly fierce competition in the global market, in the context of globalization, fastener suppliers must provide high-quality products, in order to hit the right spot when the opportunity comes!

As the professional exhibition of mainstream fastener enterprises at home and abroad, for the automotive fasteners enterprises in strategic sourcing for supplier development and management to provide strong support and help, IFS China attracted numerous excellent fastener manufacturers the fair!

Yuhuan HengXin Machinery Co., Ltd

Booth No: H2-V002

Yuhuan HengXin Mechinery is a professional automotive steering system manufacturer which have founded for more than 10 years.?We manufacture automobile parts such as fasterner, ball pin, steering linkages, suspension arm etc and developed more than 1500 varieties.

Yuhuan HengXin, auto China, Fastener Expo Shanghai, International Fastener Show China

YueQing YongHui Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Booth No: H2-V006

Founded in 1993, YueQing YongHui Fasteners Co., Ltd. is a fasteners,standard parts,welding nut, flange nut, locking nut, cap nut,T nut, non-standard fasteners and other products professional production and processing of the company. 

YongHui Fasteners, auto China, Fastener Expo Shanghai, International Fastener Show China

Jiaxing Dali Precision Fastener Co., Ltd.

Booth No: H2-227

Jiaxing Dali Screws Co., Ltd is a fastener manufacturer which is mainly produce high strength hex screws. The products are sold both at home and abroad.

Main Products:High strength hex screw, High strength flange bolt, Non-standard parts

Jiaxing Dali, auto China, Fastener Expo Shanghai, International Fastener Show China

Foshan Nanhai Weiye High-strength Standard Parts Co.,LTD

Booth No: H2-V105

The company established in 1990, now focus on production of motorcycle accessories for the grand river group haojue suzuki which is supporting more than 1000 kinds of parts and components. In addition, we also produce high-strength bolts of grade 12.9 and sell them all over the country. In the future, we will use new material non-tempered steel to produce 8.8-level bolts. Main products: Motorcycle fittings, 12.9 grade of high strength bolts, 8.8 grade of untempered steel bolts

Foshan Nanhai Weiye, auto China, Fastener Expo Shanghai, International Fastener Show China

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