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What are the key control points in the heat treatment process?

2020-08-19    Author:International Fastener Show China   Views:717    

The heat treatment can make fasteners have a certain strength, good plasticity, toughness and so on, and then be better used, while reducing the phenomenon of relaxation, to ensure the quality and reliability of fasteners.

However, in addition to the general quality inspection and control and some special quality inspection and control, the heat treatment of fasteners also pay attention to several control points of heat treatment: decarburization and carburizing, hardness and strength, hardness and strength and hydrogen embrittlement inspection. In the process of heat treatment, it is undoubtedly very important to do a good job of the critical control point, which is also an important task for every excellent fastener heat treatment enterprise.

On November 3-5, many outstanding exhibitors of fastener industry gather in International Fastener Show China to attend this feast of fastener industry. Of course, there are many high-quality heat treatment enterprises!

Jiashan Aolike Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

Booth No: H1-633

Jiashan Aolike Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of industrial heat treatment furnace, which integrates design, manufacture and installation. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has gathered the industry elite, continuously developed and innovated, and developed a new generation of continuous controllable atmosphere roller net belt furnace production line. The equipment is mainly sold to leading enterprises in the fields of automobile standard industry, military industry, aviation industry, fastener industry, railway spike industry and so on.

ALK, heat treatment technology, Fastener Expo Shanghai, International Fastener Show China

Jiaxing Jinchi Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd.

Booth No: H1-1155

Jiaxing Jinchi Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer which is specializing in design, research and development, and production of high-quality heat treatment equipment. Our products are widely used in fastener, auto parts, hand tools, hardware and micro bearings and other fields. 

Main products: spheroidizing annealing furnace, net belt furnace, bell jar furnace



Booth No: H1-1659

Jiaxing Zhongmao Industrial Furnace is a heat treatment furnace enterprise which introduces foreign professional technology and combines Taiwan professional technology to manufacture heat treatment furnace. The company's products sell well all over the world, widely used in the steel industry, non-ferrous metals industry, machinery parts industry (especially automotive parts), aerospace industry, national defense industry, etc.

Main products: spheroidizing annealing furnace, pit type spheroizing annealing furnace, methanol decomposing durnace, aluminum alloy heat treatment furnace, phosphorus saponification furnace, roling continuous dehydrogenation furnace.

ZHONGMAO, heat treatment technology, Fastener Expo Shanghai, International Fastener Show China

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