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Ministry of Environmental Protection will carry out inspection on the northeast and other places.

2017-10-26    Author:Iris Chen   Views:1146    

The situation of atmospheric pollution is severe and the stress from assessment of 10 articles for prevention and control of air pollution. Ministry of Environmental Protection will carry out special inspection on the northeast and other places.

Ministry of Environmental Protection held the work forum to against the extreme air pollution in winter in some provinces. After listening the work preparation to against the air pollution from Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanxi and other provinces, the minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Mr. Li Ganjie, confirmed the effectiveness of the local air treatment and pointed out the outstanding issues.

He said the ministry of environmental protection should focus on regional law enforcement efforts and adopts cross enforcement to conduct special inspections on areas such as northeast China and Shanxi. The daily business news reporter noted that the emphasis on special supervision of northeast China and Shanxi province was the first time in recent years.

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