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SKF launches next generation hydraulic bolts

2017-10-30    Author:   Source:fastener + fixing   Views:1290    

International Fastener Show China

Connecting rotating flanges is now even faster with the new patent pending hydraulically expandable SKF Quickgrip Bolt from SKF Group.

Maintenance engineers can now demount and reassemble flanged power transmission couplings in a single step operation using the new Quickgrip Bolts, which have been designed for high-torque rotating flanges. The new SKF Quickgrip Bolts, as well as existing SKF Supergrip Bolts, can be used to connect two flanged shafts quickly, safely and reliably. This applies to all types of propulsion systems, as well as rudders and other critical applications.

In a single tool set-up the SKF Quickgrip Bolt provides a faster and more user-friendly alternative to other types of hydraulic and conventional bolt. A recognised issue among most major industries is that conventional bolts often get stuck, which damages the holes, and requires replacement during overhauls. SKF Quickgrip Bolts provide the same practical advantages of SKF Supergrip Bolts, whereby flanges require hole machining only prior to the first time insertion of the bolts.

Thanks to the initial clearance fit, no grinding of the bolts is needed, and the SKF Quickgrip Bolt is easily inserted by hand. The bolt design comprises a tapered shank and surrounding unique flanged tapered expansion sleeve that are drawn together using a hydraulic tensioner, which instantly centres the bolt in the hole. Once mounted, the bolt is ready to transmit both a high radial and axial load, eliminating any potential flange coupling slippage.

All SKF hydraulic type bolts can be removed and reused over the lifetime of the equipment wherever they are installed. “SKF Quickgrip Bolts offer a faster, safer installation that requires fewer tools to complete the process,” explains SKF Group. “This helps save time and reduces the potentially high costs associated with periodic removal and remounting of power transmission shaft couplings.” 


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