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2017 China's Fastener Trade Statistics

2018-03-27    Author:   Views:1103    

After the financial crisis in 2009, the fastener (incl. steel nails) export of China basically landed at around 3-4 million tons the total value fluctuated between USD 4.5-6.8 billion and the average price was around USD 1.4-1.7 In 2017, China’ s export volume reached a new high (in the period between 2009-2017) to 3, 988, 801, 173 KG(up 0.20% from the previous year) and the total export value reached USD 6, 631, 145, 795 (up 5. 32% from the previous year) and the average price was USD 1.662 (up 5.11% from the previous year).


 Main destinations of China’s fastener(incl. steel nails) export in 2017 were USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Canada, UAE, Australia, UK, India, Mexico, Yemen, Italy, Netherlands, Indonesia, Poland, Spain, Malaysia, South Africa, etc. In addition to USA, which represented 21.70% (volume: 0. 86 million tons, value: USD 1. 38 billion)of China's total fastener export in 2017, the share of each of the top 20 countries landed between 1% and 6% in the same year.


 Top 10 product categories in Chinas fastener (incl steel nails) export in 2017 were 73181590 other screws & bolts (tensile strength less than 800MPA), 73170000 steel nails, 73181600 nuts, 73181510 other screws & bolts(tensile strength), 73181900 other threaded articles, 73181400 self-tapping screws, 73182200 other washers, 73181200 wood screws, 73182400 pins cotter pins, 83082000 rivets. The top 5 categories represented more than 80% of china's total fastener export in 2017.


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