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CPM GmbH- Booth No. H2-907 B

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CPM GmbH was founded in 1987 in Aachen, Germany, with metal forming as its research and business area. After years of effort, CPM GmbH has become one of the most influential companies in the field of forging technology. 
The business philosophy of CPM GmbH is to convert the latest R&D results into practical and effective technical solutions to solve the technical problems encountered in the practical work of the industry.

The business scope of CPM GmbH:
1. Metal forming numerical simulation software: to calculate the whole process of metal forming, through the analysis and optimization of simulation results to quickly identify the most ideal forming process and tooling structure
2. R&D projects: participation in national-supported R&D projects, and R&D projects in European and international levels

3. Technical Consulting: Providing Direct and Effective Technical Consulting Services in Industry

International Fastener Show China

CPM GmbH also participated in several well-known organizations in the industry and was honored to be the member of German Fasteners association(DSV), the German Cold Forging Organization (GCFG), the German Material Technology Association (DGM), and the British Metal Forming Union (CMB).
After more than 30 years of hard work, CPM GmbH has accumulated rich experience in forging technology. Meanwhile, CPM's eesy simulation software system is more accurate in calculation, it is also easier to use, and more in line with the needs of customers!

If you want to break through the technical difficulties of forging process design and tool design, if you want to quickly find out the ideal solution for forming, if you want to achieve more cost-effective production. . . CPM GmbH will be your best partner! As we have experience, strength, ability to assist you to successfully adopt new technologies and new methods to achieve technological innovation and to reach the leading position!

Key Products: 3D simulation software eesy-form 2D simulation software eesy-2-form tool design optimization software eesy-DieOpt eesy-ResultViewer.

The eesy simulation software system offered by CPM GmbH is suitable for solving almost all problems related to metal forming in the fields of industry and laboratory R&D. It is also dedicated to analysis and optimization of complex processes as well as to improve the design for daily production processes. 
The “eesy” metal forming simulation software from CPM, use computer to calculate and analyze the material flow, stress, strain, and pressure distribution on the tool surface etc,. during metal forming and before the tooling was produced. This helps the design engineer to correctly evaluate whether their process design is reasonable and feasible before completing the detailed design of the drawings. Until adjust the design to the ideal state, only then to produce tools and to make sample testing!

International Fastener Show China

International Fastener Show China

As engineers can quickly see through the simulation results of the "eesy" software whether their design will cause material folding, whether the material is filled properly, and whether it will be oil and gas locked inside, or whether the product will crack and so on. Once any problems are found, quickly adjust the process and to re-simulate and re-calculate until find the optimal process design. Meanwhile they can also see if the stress caused by metal forming will lead to tool failure or not so that to study and optimize the tool structure in advance!

By using eesy simulation software in a correct way engineers can systematically and effectively complete the entire process design and tool design. All study and adjustment related to process design have been effectively shortened. Some necessary improvements and optimizations have been done by using eesy simulation software before producing the first set of tools. Therefore, it also greatly saves the waste of raw materials and tool materials. More importantly, it greatly improves the success rate of sample testing and tool life in the mass production.

International Fastener Show China

 simulation and analysis for tool body

International Fastener Show China

Tooling optimization

To shorten the process design cycle; improve product design technology and tool design level; extend the tool life; improve productivity; reduce production costs... The “eesy” metal forming numerical simulation software from CPM is the most reliable and effective tool to help you achieve these goals!

Welcome to International Fastener Show China. It is from Oct. 21-23.

International Fastener Show China

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