​Loosening safeguard at full load bearing capacity​

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The newly developed ecosyn®-grip screw from Bossard Group combines the process reliability of an internal drive with the loosening safeguard of a ribbed washer and the load bearing capacity of an 8.8 screw.

Process reliability

The internal hexalobular drive is suitable for manual and automated assembly, it has low tool wear and the tool slipping and wobbling movements are reliably prevented. Due to the anti-loosening features of the screw, additional securing elements, such as washers, are not needed - an incorrect assembly is therefore ruled out, which additionally increases the process reliability.

Loosening safeguard

Ecosyn®-grip combines the wide contact surface of a button socket head with locking teeth. The locking teeth anchor into the softer surface material of the component to prevent a counterclockwise rotation. This ensures that up to 80% of the preload force is retained after the screw connection is made, without requiring an additional securing element.

Load bearing capacity
Screws with an internal drive and small head height often have the disadvantage that the material recess for the drive leads to a weakening of the screw head. High torsional loads, such as very strong tightening, can therefore lead to a screw failure. ecosyn-grip combines the appealing design of an ISO 7380-2 screw with the load bearing capacity of an 8.8 screw, such as ISO 14579. The screw is fully load bearing and can thus also transmit even large operating forces, which is a significant advantage compared to screws with a low head.

Ecosyn-grip screws are in particular suitable for screw connections in sheet metal with increased requirements for safeguards against loosening or vibration. This includes car body construction, interior lining, covers, system construction, vehicle trim, sheet metal constructions, domestic installations, profile connections, cabinet construction, and transport system construction.


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