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Constantly evolving stock

2019-07-03    Author:   Source:   Views:310    

Threaded rods according to DIN 976 in the lengths of one, two and three meters are a common product on the European market. A significant portion of the threaded rod is further cut and processed in many ways by users in various industries. There is a growing demand for cut, chamfered and machined to a drawing threaded rods and parts, which customers expect to be delivered directly by fastener suppliers.

The demand results from a progress in specialisation; increase in operational cost on the shop floor; and the construction site. Digital data generated from CAD systems together with procurement process automation require special lengths and drawing parts, rather than the threaded rod of the standard lengths. Labour constraints across whole sectors only further support the demand for ready to use parts.

Valenta ZT, as a threaded rod specialist, has long been focused on a broad range of materials and sizes. Now the company is responding to the market demands by enhancing its machining and secondary processing capacities. Cutting, shearing, chamfering, facing, marking, precision straightening, end machining, are examples of a complex array of secondary operations. The company‘s extensive stock of raw material, semi-finished and finished parts is essential for responding to customer’s needs.

“A gap between customer requirements and raw material suppliers lead times grew bigger in 2018, and this year doesn’t seem to be any different in this respect. Our stock helps us to compensate for that gap and provide a better service. Off the shelf specials such as fine thread, left thread, big diameters, are the strong sales point of Valenta ZT.

At the same time, a variety of customer requirements seem to have no end. Every time we think our product range is broad enough, our customers show us, we are wrong, and ask for something off that range. An item such as threaded rod M36 pitch 3mm class 10.9 left thread, will hardly ever become a top seller. But there is someone out there, who definitely needs it,” says Martin Schwartz, production manager, Valenta ZT.

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