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The Sykes-Pickavant deep magnetic bowl range presents a practical solution to containing metal tools and components whilst working. The 7710 series is available in four colours – blue, green, orange and grey – and is suitable for every workspace.

The strong magnet on the underside of the bowl attaches securely to toolboxes, vehicle bodywork and any other metal object in a garage or workshop, whilst ensuring that tools and components are firmly secured. The unique shape of the bowl allows it to be positioned vertically or horizontally, keeping objects to hand at any angle.

With a diameter of 152mm, overall height of 135mm, and maximum inner depth of 113mm, the bowl accommodates components from small nuts and bolts to weighty handheld tools including spanners and even small torque wrenches.

The strong plastic design provides a sturdy storage solution, whilst the textured PVC magnet covering prevents surface scratching, allowing the bowl to attach to ferromagnetic surfaces without damage.


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