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The changing role of distribution

2020-07-30    Author:   Views:132    

Keller & Kalmbach developed extremely positively, with good growth rates, until the middle of 2019. This was made possible because of the further profiling of Keller & Kalmbach in logistic services for C-parts within recent years, as well as the strong growth in its customers’ sectors – through export business.

After seeing a decline since July 2019, the export-oriented economies seemed to recover at the beginning of 2020, but then the Covid-19 pandemic arose.

This pandemic has had a great influence on Keller & Kalmbach since the end of March. Our turnover has decreased by 1/3 in April and will be about 25% in May, compared to last year. We quickly took many measures to avoid health effects by Covid-19 and to minimise the economic pressure for the company.

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Distribution focus
The role of distributors has changed enormously during the last 10 years, from a pure buyer and seller relationship and distributor of goods to a service provider along the supply chain. Therefore, we have developed a lot of logistic tools that are self-regulated systems to avoid customers’ worries and work with orders of the products for production or maintenance. We can provide competent advice and help to reduce process costs.

For the future, we see a great need for this type of advice and we believe that the role of distributors will be more important within the supply chain. After the decline of this year, we expect a strong growth rate towards the end of 2020 and the years following. 

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