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At the same time and same place. See you on May 22-24, 2024

2023-06-01    Author:   Views:353    


The next stop, International Fastener Show China , will be held on May 22-24 next year, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, and continue to be exciting!

The 3-day IFS China 2023 International Fastener Show China

It was a perfect ending!

The popularity of the exhibition continued to explode for three days

Overseas audience returned in large numbers

Exhibitors and audiences were full of enthusiasm

The scene presents a flourishing scene.




Thanks to more than 1,000 global exhibitors for their sincerity

New products, new materials, new equipment and new technologies

It's you, let the audience return with a rewarding experience, it's a worthwhile trip!



Although the exhibition is over, the excitement will never end!

42,000 square meters exhibition area

1000+ Exhibitors of the whole industry chain of fasteners

200+ global/Asian first technology projects

How much did you watch?

Come! Review! Take a wave of hard photos at the scene.

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