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IFS China “Strengthens and Supplys” the Industrial Chain, with Multiple Data Breaking the Historical Record

2023-07-21    Author:   Views:347    

It’s another year that tens of thousands of insiders of fastener industry attended this grand meeting of “fastening”. On May 24th, the International Fastener Show China 2023 (hereafter shortly referred as “IFS China 2023”) has come to its successful conclusion at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. This edition of IFS China continued to bring authoritative exhibition service, fastener information and professional series activities to global fastener industry with multiple data breaking the historical record, when centering on the themes of “china manufacturing lays the foundation of a strong nation”; “fastener industrial chain would strengthen and supply the entire industrial chain”; and “innovation development helps to win a bright future”.

In 3 days (from May 22nd, 2023 to May 24th, 2023), IFS China provided a total exhibition space of 42,000 sqm, and 2017 standard booths, covering 891 global exhibitors from the upstream and downstream of the entire fastener industry; exhibited 200+ international first-issued technological projects; and arranged 5 corresponding activities and 20 summit forums. IFS China attracted the attendance of 45 groups of overseas and domestic buyers, and a total of professional visitors of 50,263 person-time, among which the number of overseas visitors reached 6,737 person-time, and the total visitor number exceeded 23,000.


Popularity of IFS China continued to boom in 3 days, as overseas visitors returned on a large scale and exhibitors and visitors maintained a full enthusiasm, bringing quite a vigorous scene on site.

Appreciation should be given to the attendance of 23,000 fastener associates whom came from all corners of the world.

And appreciation should also be given to these 891 exhibitors whom brought sincerely the new products, new materials, new equipment and new technologies.



Attracting 45 groups of overseas and domestic buyers:

Over 45 groups of professional visitors, which consisted of representatives from fastener industry associations, terminal industry associations, chambers of commerce, and well-known enterprises, came in flock to negotiate the demand & supply, and exchange technologies. To be specific, these industrial and terminal associations from all corners of China included Fastener Association of Guangdong, China, Jiangsu Fastener Industry Association, Dongguan Fastener Industry Association, Hangzhou fastener industry chamber of Commerce, Fastener Association of Shenzhen, China, Yangjiang Fastener Industry Association, fastener industry association of Dainan Town of Xinghua City, Dongtai Fastener Industry Association, fastener industry technological alliance of Zhejiang Province, and Hunan league of China fastener industry.


5 corresponding activities and 20 summit forums:

The corresponding series activities of IFS China 2023 were arranged at the same time at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Various fields of tendency including development history of screws, price index of materials, high-end fasteners, core parts which centered on cutting-edge technologies and market development tendency, positively enabled and led the development of fastener industry, providing fastener industry with multiplex thoughts of  development.


The 4th edition of national high-end fastener technological exchange and seminar in 2023

To implement in the level of industrial chain what A and B sessions of technological exchange and lecture of high-end fasteners have proposed, we could refer to the comprehensive introduction of what our German fastener associates do to promote Industry 4.0, as the new framework of international standard top-level design 

People who studies self-locking nuts should never consider the pseudo-proposition of “never loosening”. It would be more persuasive to display and promote the application case of electric transmission and distribution circuit in a distance of 100 kilometers, and it’s worth visiting Zhoushan as one of the digital factory cases was launched there. On the site of this lecture, we witnessed the gathering and inspiring of new thoughts, new products, new technologies and new crafts.


The 2023 core parts seminar of the transformation & sustainable development road towards profession, specification, uniqueness, novelty, digitization and intelligence

In the era of digital economy, the enterprises of “profession, specification, uniqueness and novelty” have become an important support for China's future industrial chain. More small- and medium-sized enterprises would focus on casting their expertise, supporting to strengthen the industry, and innovation to win the market. On the site of this seminar, not only could we see the German industrial representative enterprises of "hidden champion", experts and professors in the field of domestic wisdom college, but also could we find a number of entrepreneurs from the leading enterprises of profession, specification, uniqueness and novelty in the industry visiting.

In regard of the way and model of “profession, specification, uniqueness and novelty”, “transformation towards digitization and intelligence”, and “sustainable development” for core parts enterprises, various experts shared with visitors to discuss the “magic code” of high-quality development for enterprises of “profession, specification, uniqueness and novelty”.


The 4th plenary session of the 8th standing council meeting of China Fastener Industry Association & the 2023 China fastener industrial chain seminar

Representatives from all parts of China shared and exchanged their thoughts, including Mr. Haiguang Yao, the standing deputy director general of China Machinery Components Association; Mr. Kangsheng Xue, chairman of China Fastener Industry Association; Mr. Jinyao Feng, honorary chairman of China Fastener Industry Association; Ms. Zhuqian Ren, vice president of Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Holdings Co., Ltd.,; and Zhenchuan Wang, assistant to director of chief engineer office of Shagang Group. Representatives from Zhoushan 7412 Factory, Fawer Automotive Parts Company Ltd., PMC, China Fastener Industry Association, Shenzhen Aero-Fasteners MFG, Hunan Tianbao Industrial, and other provincial and municipal industry associations also presented their speeches.


Highlights of Exhibition

Fastener materials: the first-issuing meeting of price index of cold-forged steel wires

Industrial colleagues all knows that cold-forged steel wire is one of the most important factors influencing the price of fasteners. For the healthy and orderly development of fasteners and fastener materials market, and to provide market participants with thorough list price index and reference criteria in time, China Fastener Industry Association, the sponsor of this grand meeting, closely cooperated with Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Holdings Co., Ltd., whom took the leading role, to mutually formulate the “fastener material - cold forging steel wire price index”, which was firstly issued on the site of opening ceremony of IFS China and later became a magnificent feat benefiting the upstream and downstream of the entire industry.


Theme exchange of centennial culture of China fastener industry

The tour of seeking the cultural origin of fastener industry in its centennial history was officially started during the corresponding period of IFS China 2023. Collating by the organization committee and providing by related industrial experts with a large scale of historical materials, we set up an exhibition area for the theme exchange of centennial culture of China fastener industry. Through these precious pictures and scripts, a memory of the past centennial history of fastener industry came alive.

Taking history as a mirror, it helps to create a brighter future. The extraordinary centenary achievement of fastener industry inspires the insiders when the future prospect motivates them. Fastener associates expecting some feel or inspiration should never miss it.


The exchange banquet of IFS China 2023

The theme of this corresponding exchange banquet of IFS China was “fastening and strengthening the industrial chain for coordinated development”. Within it, “fastening and strengthening the industrial chain” meant to strengthen the liaison and cooperation among various parties in the region for a closely linked economic chain and industrial chain, when “coordinated development” emphasized to allow full play to the advantages of each party, for the sake of achieving the mutual benefit and win-win, and promoting together the economic development in the region.


2023 was a year of gratitude to have you together with us,

and 2024 will be a year of expectation to meet you again

Looking forward to the year of 2024, IFS China will fare forth with a renewed status as all works currently have been entered into the phase of orderly preparation. In the same period at the same venue, with a total scale of 42,000 sqm and 2000+ standard booths, the grand gathering will come again. Let’s meet at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center during May 22nd to 24th of 2024!


Next article:At the same time and same place. See you on May 22-24, 2024


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