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A Perfect Conclusion! 19,080 Visitors for the 3-Day Exhibition! IFS China Will Be Held in May Next Year

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The exhibition concluded successfully!

During 22-24 May, 2024, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center welcome the organization of International Fastener Show China 2024. "Exhibiting for the fastener industry, and for the fastener enterprises", this annual event of the fastener industry had an exhibition area reaching 42,000 square meters, and offered 2020 standard booths, attracting more than 1,000 exhibitors and 19,080 professional visitors from 55 countries or regions to attend, including 982 overseas visitors. The IFS China has become the focus of the global fastener industry.

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The IFS China 2024 has been successfully concluded. And deep gratitude should be given to each visitor and exhibitor who came a long way to the exhibition. New quality development, green intelligent manufacturing, and promotion of the high-quality development of fastener industry cannot be achieved without every fastener colleagues. Please remember, we will gather together at the same time, and same place in 2025!

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Organized by the authoritative "China" prefixed association, and supported by General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) and Zhejiang Institute of Advanced Materials of Shanghai University

International Fastener Show China 2024, was co-organized by China General Machine Components Industry Association, China Fastener Industry Association, Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd., and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.. As a grand meeting eagerly anticipated by the fastener industry enterprises of upstream and downstream industry chain, the opening of IFS China ignited the global boom.

At 9:30 a.m. on May 22, IFS China 2024 was held at the central nave on the first floor of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Nearly 300 people from all over the world attended the opening ceremony, including public figures in the whole industry chain of fastener industry, national institutions, university experts, association leaders, enterprise representatives and media friends.

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The crowd surged at full swing

During the 3 days of exhibition, professional visitors from all over the world have registered to visit. The on-site audience was crowded to stayed in front of the booths to watch carefully, or talked with the exhibitors eagerly, looking for innovative fastener application solutions; Chinese and foreigners merrily gathered together, creating a warm atmosphere. The flow in the first day has exceeded ten thousand, and people have become the witnesses and promoters of the high-quality development of the fastener industry!

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The classification statistics of Mainland visitors area:

In accordance with the analysis of administrative areas, local visitors accounts for 24.02% of the proportion of the total visitors. In addition, as for the proportion of visitors from other regions of China, the proportion of visitors from East China was 74.08%, and that of other regions was 10.26% from North China, 5.58% from South China, 4.24% from central China, 2.83% from Southwest China, 1.79% from Northeast China and 1.04% from Northwest China.

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Source analysis of overseas visitors:

There were 982 professional overseas visitors from 55 countries or regions, among which visitors of North America accounted for 1.87%, that of Oceania accounted for 1.70%, that of Africa accounted for more than 2.57%, the South American visitors accounted for 2.71%, European visitors for 15.25%, Asian visitors accounted for 57.64%, visitors of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan accounted for 18.31%. The exhibitors generally expressed that there were many more "foreigners" this year, creating a record high at the aspect of number of overseas visitors. And these overseas visitors all came with orders, as the business conclusion rate was basically over 80%.

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The entire industrial chain  new quality development   green intelligent manufacturing

The exhibition still remained the division of 2 large exhibition halls, which presented an annual big show of "industrial bellwether” and "market barometer" for the industry. The number of exhibitors from various areas hit a record high, which reached 1000+. Exhibits presenting on site covered the upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain, including the raw and auxiliary fastener materials, main auxiliary equipment, molds and consumption products, heat-treated technology, surface packing equipment, design technology, inspection equipment, standard fasteners, special fasteners, stamping parts, e-commerce platform, industrial service, information consulting and etc. 

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Representative of overseas brand equipment: Hyodong, Sacma, Carlo Salvi , Marposs, Nedschroef, 3view,Aerospace Fastener Technology

Representative of Taiwan brand equipment: Chunzu, Gwo Lian, Yeswin, Jiashan MDS Engineering, Jiancai, CHENG-1, Aien, Jernyao, Songwei, Yourong

Representative of domestic brand main auxiliary equipment: Sijin, Dongrui, Jingu, Yi Ming, Baotuo, Yuhai/ Tengfeng, Keruineil , Hongming, Dujiangyan Beyond Machinery, Gaojia, Tianxiang, YONG JIN, Changhong Shengtuo, Zhenyao, Longhui, Ga Sin Lik Tin, TAISHIN, Yuanchuang, Shenzhen Manjun, Mengxing, Yongfeng, Zhuocheng, Xiangli, Boyu, SAM CHANG, Hubei Fuying, Tianwei, Haoyijia, GWO LING, Shangge, Leda, Xiangtian, Xingdong, Songlong, Heling, Suxin, Changqi

Brand fasteners representative: Tenglong/Tengda, Aozhan, Jinshang, Zhongxin, Taodingding, Tongming, China Aviation Industry Standard Parts, Eagle Metalware, Kaishun, Jinzhao, Finework, Aerospace Precision Products, Zhengfa, SCRSTAR, Bygold, FEIDA, Yagu, F.I.T, Chenhao, Yibang, FENGDING, Xinruifeng, Kinfast, Yuxing, JH Bolt, CSA, Xingluo, Xin Chang Jiang, Shang Biao, Yuxing, Ruigu, Chaoyang, Jinan Star, BOITO, YAOFENG, Taigu, ZHENGDALI, You Yang, Xinderun, Yongyi, Qunzhan, Qianmu, Dongtai, Ansheng, ALFIRSTE, Rongte, Taigu, LianHe ChuangLi, Yongte, QD, Qiangbang, Yaoshi, Zhencheng, Kebab, Dongbo, Keteng, Chitong, CHANGZHOU CANTY, Weifeng, NEWSHENDA, Weiye, Nie Shi, Hanxiang, Saida, Qinghui, Lintai, JInan, Lifeng, Qiancheng, Kuabiao

Representative of Fastener raw materials: Baosteel, Masteel, Xingtai Iron and Steel, Baori, Jujin, XZB, TENGLONG GROUP, Toonney, Koswire, GREATLOY, Lirui, NEW BEST WIRE

Representative of fastener molds/consumption goods/tools:JING BEEING, Taiho Tool, Jungu, Changshu ZCCF, SALA, WANYING, MH3, Donglong, Yuntai, YONGANSHENG, Lee Sheng, Sprout Tooling, Kaichuan, Guangda, Xuhui, Zhongya, YIshan, Hejin, XIngbei, Zhenda, Ruihao, BETTER PART, Chengda, PUSHENGTE, Xinxing, Tengma, Ying Xing

Representative of fastener heat treatment: TAINAN CHIN CHANG, JIA SHAN SAN YUNG, YANGZHOU CANAAN, SUMON, Aolike, Zhongmao, Jinchi, Xinling, Hangshen, Jinkai, Chuanding

Representative of screw packaging solutions: FEIYUE, FOUCS MACHINERY, Gongyou, Feiyu, Fengda, Zhengkun, Zhongxin.

There are more special exhibition groups and boutique exhibition areas, including Jiashan group area, Yongnian Import & Export Chamber of Commerce area, comprehensive fasteners area, stainless steel fasteners area, automotive and high-strength fasteners area, brand fasteners area, which brightened the exhibition, as these endless exhibits highlighted the diversity and internationalization of the exhibition.

Corresponding activities brought the surging trend of thoughts

The “XZB” Stainless Steel Wire Rod Reform

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Dr. Fan Zhang from Baosteel shared the “Baosteel development progress on high grade fasteners”

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Mr. Kim Hee-Myung, President of 3View. Com. Inc, shared "Factory Industry 5.0 - the Electric Monitoring of Carbon Foot Print "

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D.E. Xuetong Liu from Horycon Tianjin shared the "Looseness Behavior and Research Method of Threaded Fastening Connection"

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Through these activities, participants can not only learn the latest technology trend, but also further understand the industry trend development, improve the brand influence, and promote the continuous prosperity and development of fastener industry.

 “Fastening Our Heart”·Global Fastener Industry Exchange Banquet 2024

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On the evening of May 22, 2024, the “Fastening Our Heart”·Global Fastener Industry Exchange Banquet 2024 was held at Chateau Star River. The corresponding exchange banquet of exhibition took "fastening our heart"as the theme which hoped to take this opportunity to further promote the economic relations, trade cooperation and coordinated development of each party in the region.

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Mr. Chengju Wang, president of China General Machine Components Industry Association, made a speech. He said that we were gathering here not only to discuss the development trend and prospect of fastener industry, but also to celebrate the green and low-carbon development of this industry in the entire manufacturing industry of China.

Fastener industry starts its two transformations since the implementation of the new development concept, and takes the road of new quality development and green intelligent manufacturing, which requires the joint efforts of the whole industry to enhance cooperation. And we will, as always, offer the service platform for manufacturers and dealers to mutually promote industry development. China General Machine Components Industry Association will continue to play a good role as an association, to contribute more strength for the prosperity and development of fastener industry.

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On behalf of China Fastener Industry Association and the organizer of this exhibition, president Kangsheng Xue would like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all colleagues for the attention and support to the fastener industry.

"Fastening our heart" is an industry culture and as well a historical experience, and even an implementation method. President Xi Jinping pointed out that "unity formed for the clear goals is the most solid unity, when the struggle based on close unity is the most powerful striving."

National prosperity needs the guidance of value, social development needs the guidance of consensus, and industry prosperity needs the driving of unity. We sincerely hope that all colleagues can actively sharing the latest products and research and development technology of fastener industry, and we want to hear about industry development trend of new insight, for the sake of gaining the resultant force and promoting the realization of new quality reformation,  and thus achieving the sustainable development of a better industrial future.

The “Fastening Our Heart”·Global Fastener Industry Exchange Banquet 2024 was sponsored by

 Sijin Intelligent Forming Equipment Co., Ltd..

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