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Booth No. H3-029 CIXI YAOHUA HARDWARE FACTORY 2018-08-10

  CIXI YAOHUA HARDWARE FACTORY established in 1992 and located in Zhouxiang town which is exactly at the heartland of Golden Delta consisting of three prosperous metropolises named Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo.  As the profes...


Booth No. H3-1618,SurTec Metal Surface Treatment Technology (Hang zhou)Co., ltd. 2018-08-10

                SurTec develops, manufactures and supplies chemical specialties for surface finishing. With the field of fastener, SurTec offers comprehensive solutions dealing with fastener surface treatment, including de...


Big News for International Fastener Show China 2018-08-01

China is still a fastener workshop in the world. Most of Chinese fastener manufacturers produce competitive products with competitive price and supply best service to fastener peers in the world. China Fastener Industry Association is on behalf of the voice i...


Wuxi Sharp-Eyed Hardware Parts Co.,Ltd. Booth No. H3-1823 2018-07-27

Wuxi clairvoyant hardware parts co., LTD is a clairvoyant precision components co., LTD in wuxi new district plum village investment to set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise, mainly engaged in the development of precision fasteners, production and sales since its founding i...



Ninbo Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co., a Taiwanese sole Proprietorship.Founded in December 1995,Anchor Group was established in May, 2011, with Ningbo Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd as its parent company; it is a Taiwanese owned enterprise with five s...


EFDA brings International Fastener Show China together in Rotterdam 2018-07-18

The European Fastener Distributor Association staged its sixth triennial conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. One hundred and twenty delegates and international guests attended a tightly organised and convivial event that demonstrated t...


TSLG (Kunshan)Co., Ltd. Booth No.H3-219 2018-07-16

Since 1984,TSLG has established 6 manufacturing plants. It is the leading company in the filed of functional pre-coating on fastener in the world. With attentive and diligent spirit, our aim is to become the Value Solution Provider that offers efficient pre-c...


Shanghai Pan- China Fastening Systems Co., Ltd. Booth No.: H2-021 2018-07-10

Shanghai Pan-China Fastening Systems Co.,Ltd. are dedicated to developing products that accurately and efficiently test bolted joints, enabling the acquisition of torque, tension, and friction, and their relationships. Famous for the MC900 Transient Recorder Analyzer, Micro Co...


EASTPORT FASTENER MANUFACTURING CO. LTD——International Fastener Show China 2018-07-09

Ningbo Eastport Fastener Manufacturing Co., LTD., was founded in 1987, for the purpose of specializing in the production of high strength fasteners, which main products include the series of socket screws , hex bolts , countersunk socket bolts, flange bolts, nuts and all kinds...


SAKAMURA MACHINE CO.,LTD. SHANGHAI OFFICE——International Fastener Show China 2018-07-05

Sakamura Machine started in 1947 and was established as company in 1959 and started building the forging machine mainly for productionof the fasteners and bearings. The factories are located in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and USA. The partnership companiesfor the sales a...



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