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Wenzhou Zhongte standard parts Co., Ltd.

High-performance screw thread rolling machine series: 1. Energy saving thread rolling machine without sliding plate(M3-M33) 2. Multi-function double-head screw thread rolling machine (intelligent recognition of the size of the end of workpieces) 3. Double-head long screw synchronous thread rolling machine(automatic loading and unloading, the length of thread rolling can reach around 100mm-600mm) 4. Thread rolling machine with automatic online rolling quality detection (using artificial intelligence techniques)

Wenzhou Gongyou Automatic Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd.

auto packing machine, weight machine


Ring washer elastic washer spring washer special shaped stamping part

Wenzhou Meiquan Auto Parts Co.,Ltd

stainless steel products(flange, truss head hex socket, umbrella head hex socket and cheese head hex socket), axle bolts, flange bolts, disc brakes bolts, high strength bolts, including different bolts of GB, DIN, AISI and JIS standards, and 8.8/10.9/12.9 grades bolts widely used in Automobile and Motorcycle field.


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