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thread rolling dies,screw punches,header dies

Wujin District Luoyang Yaoshengda Hardware Products Factory

Automotive fastener mold; stainless steel nut mold; cold pier mold

Wenzhou Zhongte standard parts Co., Ltd.

High-performance screw thread rolling machine series: 1. Energy saving thread rolling machine without sliding plate(M3-M33) 2. Multi-function double-head screw thread rolling machine (intelligent recognition of the size of the end of workpieces) 3. Double-head long screw synchronous thread rolling machine(automatic loading and unloading, the length of thread rolling can reach around 100mm-600mm) 4. Thread rolling machine with automatic online rolling quality detection (using artificial intelligence techniques)

Wenzhou Hongliang Fastener Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Stainless steel retaining ring, toothed washer, dish washer, bearing retaining ring, DIN series


Ring washer elastic washer spring washer special shaped stamping part

Wenzhou Good Fastener Co.,Ltd.

Non standard nut, HDG bolt

Wenzhou Sanli Fastenter Co., Ltd.

Stainless steel, carbon steel, inner six angle screw plug, outer six angle screw plug, pin shaft, live bolt, pipe joint, nut, ring groove rivet.

Wuxi Gerrytech Automation Co.,Ltd.

1、Advanced Cleaning Solution for Products 2、Auto Deburring System 3、Testing System 4、DI Water System 5、Waste Water Treatment System 6、Central Supplying Water/oil Filtration System


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