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Zhejiang Pengli Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

Hexagonal Socket Head Cap Screws, Hexagonal Head Flange Bolts, T bolts, Lock Nuts

Booth No.:H2-2120

Zheng Wei Wu Jin Co.,ltd.

Booth No.:H2-315B

Zhuji jinhong machinery co.LTD

Specialized in producing cold pier mould,red pier mould,press mould,punch rod, shaped punch rod,R hexagonal punch rod,plum blossom punching rod,inner hexagon tungsten steel punching rod and alloy punching rod.

Booth No.:H1-161

Zhejiang Keli Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Screw packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, automatic sorting machine, hardware packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, counting packaging

Booth No.:H1-737

Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co. Ltd.

Advantages and leading cemented carbide products include cutting tools, PCB machining tools, roll, anvil, great products, the ball tooth, bar and so on

Booth No.:H1-1717

Zhejiang Xintai Standard Fastener Co., LTD.

High-Strength bolts and Hardware fasteners

Booth No.:H2-2056

Zhongshan Cherish Material Tech CO.,LTD

Environment-friendly raw steel blackening agent, Antirust oil, Cryogenic blackening agent

Booth No.:H1-2127A

Zhejiang Cowin Fastech Co., Ltd.

Supporting the supply of high-end automotive fasteners - wheel hub

Booth No.:H2-719

Zhejiang Zhapu Technology Co., Ltd.

Nut and bolt, high strength bolt and nut

Booth No.:H2-1327


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