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Ningbo Chenda Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Gb6170, sh3404, hg20613, hg20634, gb6175, etc

Ningbo Liang Sword Precision Machine Tool Co.Ltd.

Automatic CNC lathe;Automatic hydraulic lathe;Punching car;Inverted machine;Milling machine;

Nanjing Mankate Science& Technology Co., Ltd.

Undercut anchor bolts, chemical anchors, self-undercut anchor bolts, dismountable anchors, epoxy resin adhesive, direct shear anchor bolts, anti-theft bolts, panel anchors, cast-in channels


set screws、pipe plugs、non-standard parts

Ningbo Junli Fasteners Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

The main products are: GB1229 steel structure nut, China standard GB6170, GB6172, GB6175, GB55, GB6178 open groove, 20634 and American standard A194, A563, German standard DIN934, 14399 series, Japanese standard 1186 and various non-standard nut fasteners.

Ningbo Fenglong Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd

DIN603、DIN608、DIN7991、ISO7380、Guard rail bolt、Egg neek rail bolt、Groove pin

Ningbo Haixin Hardware Co.,Ltd

GB6170 / GB41/ DIN934 / ISO4032 / EN14399 / DAST021 hex nuts, ASTM A194 heavy hex nuts, and various nylon insert lock nuts and flange nuts.


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