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Xingtai Jingguo Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

The company produces a variety of diameter shrinkage machine, automatic diameter shrinkage machine, standard parts diameter shrinkage machine, standard parts bolt pier head machine, multi-function hydraulic machine and other hydraulic equipment and non-standard automation.

Xinghua JiagStainless Steel Products Co., LTD

Stainless steel standard parts, non-standard parts, nut double head tooth rod, live section, sealing screw nut, joint nut, Gaud roller nut, chemical screw


Auto-threading machine\Screw feeding machine\Industry robot

Xingtai Yutong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Two-axis thread rolling machine, three-axis thread rolling machine, diameter reducing machine, bending hoop machine, wire drawing machine

Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd.

Xingtai steel’s products are mainly used to produce automobile engine cylinder head bolts, chassis welding bolts, body fastening bolts, walking system hub bolts, steering system ball head pull rod, air conditioning compressor bolts and other products. In addition, according to the special needs of customers, we developed non annealing, high hardenability, heat resistance, weather resistance and other special steel products.

Xiamen Zhongzhiruibo Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Zhongzhi fastener manufacturing professional edition is suitable for all kinds of fasteners, stamping, machining enterprises one-stop solution.


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