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Bushing (insert)、Stud、Nacelle Bolts、Tower Bolts、Anchor bolt and flange。

Foshan City Guangqingchang Metal Plastic Co., Ltd

Blind Rivets (Like Open Type, Close-ended Type, Mono-Lock & Now-Lock Type, Multi-Grip & Uni-Grip Type, Hem-Firm Type, Tri-Firm Type, Peel Type), Electronic Screws, Electrical Screws, Hardware Lathe Pieces in different standards and metal materials.

Fujian Hejin New Material Technology C0.,Ltd.

cold heading molds, hot heading, powder metallurgy, precision forging, extrusion, stamping, stretching, drawing pipes, bars, plates, formed T-cutters, mold materials

Fujian JINRUILI Fastener Co., Ltd

Metal lock nuts, flange nuts, lock nuts, welding nuts, cap nuts, slotted nuts, pressure point nuts, spring nuts, butterfly nuts

Foshan Nanhai Weiye High-Strength Standard Parts Co.,Ltd.

Motorcycle fittings, 12.9 grade of high strength bolts, 8.8 grade of untempered steel bolts


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