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Suzhou Industrial Park Shenglong electric furnace manufacturing Co., Ltd

Controllable atmosphere energy-saving mesh belt type roller quenching furnace (2011 2 0484027.4) roller bar type up and down bidirectional heat recovery type continuous isothermal heat treatment energy saving furnace (ZL 2011 2 0169077.3) super large heat recovery push plate type continuous isothermal spheroidizing annealing furnace (ZL 2011 2 0184544. X) isothermal annealing furnace (ZL 2010 2 0207421.9) push plate bearing parts isothermal annealing energy saving furnace (ZL 2010 2 0207425.7) push plate annealing energy saving furnace (ZL 2010 2 0210472.7) energy saving double channel heat recovery isothermal annealing furnace (ZL 2011 2 0318523.2).

Suzhou Huihung Machinery Co., Ltd.

High Speed Heading Machine、2-Die 3-Blow Bolt Former、3-Die 3-Blow Bolt Former、4-Die 4-Blow Bolt Former、Contact molding machine、Round cut hollow rivet machine


Our company mainly produces Carbon Structure Fastening Pieces Steel Wire, Rivet Steel Wire, Ball Bearing Steel Wire, Spring Steel Wire, Alloy-steel Wire and other steel wire products.

Shenyang Hangda Technolgy Co.,Ltd

Dacromet Coating; Water-basedZinc-Aluminum Coating and the top Coating; Zinc based Coating and other heavy-duty coatings; dry film lubricant; anti-Galvanic corrosion coating and other special coatings.

Sonec Enterprise (Kunshan) Col.td

Hex washer head, Pan phillips.countersunk phillips, wafer Phillips(All of the hex washer headscan be customized to specifiedcoating nylon head and 304 stainless steelcap drilling screws), Blind Rivetmaterials come in low magnesiumalloy, high magnesium alloy, all ironstainless steel series, head shapescome in semi-round head and salad head.


multi strokes press and assemble mold;multi strokes press and bushing mold;mold for nuts, gear mold;
mold of special shapes and triangle shapes, etc

shanghai Hongjing Eco-Friendly Technologies Co.Ltd

Oil Mist Purification Equipment of Industrial Fume Purifier


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