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Suzhou Jungu Precision Mould Co.,Ltd.

Our main products including Carbide Dies ,Tungsten Carbide Dies, Bolt Dies, Nut Dies, header punch, punch Dies, case ,Inserts, Carbide tooling, and other custom-made dies.


Electric shear wrench、electric torque wrench、manual shear wrench、electric tension and torque calibrator、electric tension calibrator etc.

Shanghai Caifu Mechanical Co., Ltd

Design and produce high quality fasteners as below:1.High-speed railways, motor cars, urban rail transit;2.Vessels cranes, offshore cranes, lifting capacity;3.High-pressure pumps, Vacuum pumps;4.Fastenings of mining machinery 5.Other fields(Shield tunneling machine, Nuclear power, Wind power, etc. )

Suzhou Artisan Fastener Co., Ltd

英文(限50单词以内): Stainless steel cylindrical head hexagonal anti-theft bolt; Torx gearbox threading screw in the pan head; nuts for hexagonal sealants for new energy vehicles; Automobile door glass lifting drive shaft.

ShenZhen Kingteam Precision Technology Co., Ltd

VVT System oil Control Valve(OVC) Body, Sensor Metal Shell,Throttle Control Shaft, Automobile Pipe Joints, Optical Instrument Metal Parts, Vibration Pump Metal Parts, Flashlight Metal Parts, Medical Precision Metal parts.


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