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Electric shear wrench、electric torque wrench、manual shear wrench、electric tension and torque calibrator、electric tension calibrator etc.

Shenzhen Manjun Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

riveted fasteners, shafts, studs, screws, bolts, nuts and screws, OEM parts, and special easy-to-turn parts

Shanghai High Strength Bolt Factory Co., Ltd.

Large six corner head and torsion shear type high strength bolts and all kinds of non high strength bolts.

Suzhou Jungu Precision Mould Co.,Ltd.

Our main products including Carbide Dies ,Tungsten Carbide Dies, Bolt Dies, Nut Dies, header punch, punch Dies, case ,Inserts, Carbide tooling, and other custom-made dies.

Suzhou Triwin Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

Our company is mainly engaged in riveting fasteners, such as pressure riveting parts, pull riveting parts, blind rivets, solid & hollow rivets, expansion riveting nuts, structural rivets, etc. we provide overall riveting system solutions. You are welcome to consult us.


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