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Dongguan Anxiang Intelligent Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd.

PE Film packing machine, Weighting and Counting Packing Machine, PE Film packing machine

Dongguan Jingtian Precision Technology Co., Ltd

taps (products covering high-speed steel and tungsten steel), high-quality drill bits, micro diameter precision cutting tools

Dongtai Ruihang New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Stainless steel directional adjusting foot cup, universal adjusting foot cup, U-bolt, outer hexagon bolt, inner hexagon bolt, ball head integrated bolt and other bolts and nuts are customized for non-standard parts

Dongguan Xiangtian Automation Technology Co.,Ltd

Automatic CNC drilling and tapping machine automatic milling flat machine

Dongguan JIN.CHI Metal Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Cold forging machine, Thread forming machine


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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