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Dongguan Rongxiang Hardware Co.. Ltd

Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of cold punch ,forming punch rod, hexagonal punch rod ,tungsten steel hexagonal punch rod, plum blossom punch rod , rivet punch , four-corner punch , five-corner punch ,eight-corner punch , twelve-corner punch rod, special-shaped punch rod and other accessories.

Dongguan Fanrong Screw Tooling Co.,Limited.

Thread rolling die for stainless steel. Thread rolling die for grooves. Thread rolling die for round end. Thread rolling die for cutting flat face.Thread rolling die for high strength screw.Stainless steel punch.Hex punch.Torx punch. Die for stainless steel. 6-segments die.

Dongguan Kaiyicheng Mould Co.,Ltd.

Mould for cold forge machine, pins

Dongguan City AOYI hardware Co., Ltd

electronic fasteners, household fasteners, outdoor safety fasteners, automotive fasteners

Dongguan songwei machinery hardware products co.ltd

Multi-station cold heading machine,Six-stations nut former machine ,All kinds of nuts(Customized)


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