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Jianshan Aolike Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Continuous type radiance tempering (carburization)furnace complete production line, continuous type radiance furnace (heat treatment, anneal, hard soldering ,firing), crucible type ball furnace(electric heating, natural gas).

Jiaxing Jinchi Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd.

spheroidizing annealing furnace, mesh belt furnace, bell furnace

Japan Hardware Co., Ltd.

“Divilo” (Segmented Carbide Insert), Dies and Punches, Torx Toolings, Taptite Toolings

Jiangxi Kaixu Automobile Fitting Co., Ltd (original Wenzhou Kaixu)

circlips, snap rings, washers, disc springs, spring pins, keys and so on.

Jiashan MDS Engineering Hardware Co., Ltd.

Agent for parts former, heat treatment machine etc

Jiangsu Demaine environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd 

Industrial physical oil mist filter, oil fume filter


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