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Jun Da Sheng Hardware and Electrical Appliance co.,Ltd.

High quality, highly engineered, and highly customized hardware

Jiashan Baotuo Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Since the setting up of our company, more than 30 kinds of screws and bolts, forming machines like 1-Die 2-Blow, 2-Die 2-Blow, 3-Die 3-Blow, 4-Die 4- Blow and high-speed thread rolling machine have been developed. Moreover, to fulfill customer's special requirements, non-standard model heading machines have also been designed and manufactured by our company. Our company is quality oriented and faith oriented, which presents on the usage of high wear-resistant alloyed cast iron and imported special alloy materials, the Japanese electrical control systems, high-end CNC machining processes, Taiwan assembly technique, and also our company provides professional after-sale service. Our company has already been a professional manufactory which produce a variety of precision fastening equipment, and our products are well appreciated by both Chinese and foreign clients. The products in our company are sold well not only in China like Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Chongqing etc., but also in foreign countries like Turkey, Russia, India and Iran.

Jiaxing XC Washer Co., Limited

Flat Washer, Through-hardened Washer, DIN 125A, DIN 9021, DIN 436, DIN 433, DIN 440, DIN 6916, USS, SAE, F436 Round Washer, Fender Washer, Repair Washer, BS 3410, BS 4320, NF E 513,AS 1252

Jiashan xin yan hardware products factory

stainless steel washer, stamping parts, change ring, hardware, mechanical accessories,


applications of continuous bright carburizing (tempering) quenching furnace, continuous hot blast none-oxidation annealing (spheroidizing) furnace, crucible type annealing (spheroidizing) furnace, multi-purpose chamber furnace, vacuum furnace, etc.


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