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Handan Meijianli Hardware Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Self-drilling screws,Plastic anchor,Metal anchor,Resin anchor,Threaded rod, Chemical anchor

National Technical Committee 85 on Fasteners of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC85)

Management of National Standards and Mechanical Industry Standards


extruded plastic anchor、fisher anchor、hammer drive screw、frame drive screw、hollow cavity anchor、H packer、nylon nail anchor、plastic toggle anchor、sanitary screws、nylon tangled anchor、plastic cap......

Zhejiang Tongzhiling Information Technology Co., Ltd

Bar code printer, label printer, portable printer, POS printer. General scanner, one-dimensional image type, laser scanner, bar code tester

Yuxing Fasteners (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.

It can produce nuts of Chinese GB standard, national standard ISO standard, German DIN standard, American ANSI standard, British BS standard, Italian UNI standard and various shaped nuts.

Ningbo heavy machinery parts manufacturing Co., Ltd 

Turning fasteners、Precision Bolt、Precision nut

Carlo Salvi (Guangzhou) Machinery And Equipment Ltd.

1 die 2 blow, 2 die 4 blow and multistation heading machine


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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