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Punch pin 、Square hexagon plum punch series 、Automotive Standard Parts Mould、Stretch-Rod、

RQ Boutique Flat Washer Operation Center

The main products are: GB97.1、DIN125A、GB96/DIN9021、GB95、GB848、GB5287、GB93、GB859、GB7244、6916 all kinds of specifications of Hangzhou elastic pad, high strength flat pad, high strength plus flat pad, steel structure flat pad, flat pad, square pad, bowl pad, stamping parts, lettering gasket, cap counterweight pad, etc.

National Technical Committee 85 on Fasteners of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC85)

Management of National Standards and Mechanical Industry Standards


Wire pickling and phosphating equipment

Handan Hounian Expand Screw CO.,LTD

Hex bolt sleeve anchor,flange nut sleeve anchor ,eye bolt sleeve anchor ,hook bolt sleeve anchor ,chemical anchor ,expand screw ,wedge anchor and drop in anchor

Hebei Jianrun Fastener Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.

Ceiling integrated nail, shooting nail, ceiling artifact (gun), gas nail, gas gun, dry wall nail, drilling tail wire, hexagonal washer, countersunk head, plastic expansion bolt, metal product irregular parts

Suzhou Litto Fastener Co.,LTD

Carbon steel and stainless steel screws, Injection molding products

Jangsu CSA Special Alloy co., Ltd.

Main products include Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Bright Bars, Profile, Forgings

Hebei Yaoshi Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

High strength Socket Head bolt ,Hex bolt ,Nut ,and Screws


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