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Suzhou Industrial Park Shenglong electric furnace manufacturing Co., Ltd

Controllable atmosphere energy-saving mesh belt type roller quenching furnace (2011 2 0484027.4) roller bar type up and down bidirectional heat recovery type continuous isothermal heat treatment energy saving furnace (ZL 2011 2 0169077.3) super large heat recovery push plate type continuous isothermal spheroidizing annealing furnace (ZL 2011 2 0184544. X) isothermal annealing furnace (ZL 2010 2 0207421.9) push plate bearing parts isothermal annealing energy saving furnace (ZL 2010 2 0207425.7) push plate annealing energy saving furnace (ZL 2010 2 0210472.7) energy saving double channel heat recovery isothermal annealing furnace (ZL 2011 2 0318523.2).

Wuxi Gerrytech Automation Co.,Ltd.

1、Advanced Cleaning Solution for Products 2、Auto Deburring System 3、Testing System 4、DI Water System 5、Waste Water Treatment System 6、Central Supplying Water/oil Filtration System


Main produce screw bolt, concrete bolt, and expansion anchor like wedge anchor, chemical studs, sleeve anchor. Besides, non-standard stamping product, non-standard nut and non-standard bolt all can be customized with the customers’ requirement.

Ruian Xuhong Standard Parts Co., Ltd

Gb812 round nut gb810 round nut gb884 screw locking ring gb849. Spherical washer gb850. Conical washer DIN981 km round nut. KML round nut


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