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Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Co., Ltd.

Hongming Stock produces multi-functional fully intelligent high-speed cold heading machines and supporting equipment. It can process and manufacture standard fastener products such as national standard (GB), German standard (DIN), American standard (ANSI), British standard (BS), Japanese standard (JIS), and national standard (ISO), which are widely used in electronic appliances , automobiles, high-speed rail, communications, ships, new energy machinery and other key industries and major engineering projects.

Handan Qianmu Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Wedge anchor、Wood screw、Drop in Anchor、Sleeve anchor

Anqing Niuli Mould Co.,Ltd.

Trimming die. Thread rolling shutter .hexagon punch rod. grab mold


applications of continuous bright carburizing (tempering) quenching furnace, continuous hot blast none-oxidation annealing (spheroidizing) furnace, crucible type annealing (spheroidizing) furnace, multi-purpose chamber furnace, vacuum furnace, etc.

Suzhou ShangGe Hardware Co., Ltd.

Combination screws, precision screws, washer, stamping parts, CNC turning parts, customized non-standard parts, just look for us! This is all our specialty.

Gangdong Yuhai Machinery Co.,LTD

Cold forging machine; Thread rolling machine

Beeantah Precision Hardware (SuZhou) Co., Ltd

Fasteners parts and small Structural parts for automobiles, bushing for new energy vehicles, shaft parts for evmotor, 3C hardware parts and metal hardware accessories.

Hebei Tewo Fasteners Co.,Ltd

DIN/UNC/BSW nuts、bolts,Drywall screws,Chipboard screws, Self drilling screws,Wood screws,Drop in anchors,Wedgs anchors 3ps/4ps fix bolt, Sleeve anchors

Jiangsu Yagu Standard Parts Co., Ltd.

Stainless steel threaded rods, hot forge big nuts,hot forge big bolts.


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