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Hangzhou Yougongpin Technology Co. Ltd

1. HaoGongPin offers an e-commerce B2B 3.0 online trade platform for fasteners.
2. Global fasteners standards search.
3. GongYunLian SAAS for fasteners factories and wholesalers.

Handan Mengxing Intelligent Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Oil shedding machine 、 Packaging machine

Handan MiJia Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Main Products: Auto Repair Gecko, Expansion Screw, Expansion Hook, Hexagonal Expansion, Water Heater Hook, Implosion, Joint, Cone Nut, Expansion Pipe, Chemical Anchor Bolt, Mechanical Anchor Bolt, U-Card, Elevator Expansion, etc.

Hubei Tengfeng Machinery Technology Co.Ltd

1 die and 2 blow cold heading machine、Threading machinery、Open/close mould cold heading machinery、Six station nut machine、Multi-station cold header、Drill tail machine、Tail hole machine

Handan Zhiyuan Metal Products Co., Ltd.

8.8 grade 10.9 grade twin-head bolts, 10.9 grade full-threaded studs


DRYWALL SCREW, gypsum screw, chipboard screw.

Haiyan Weishi Fastener Co.,Ltd.

compliant to international GB, German DIN, American ANSI, and British BS standards

Hebei Meigu Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Flange nut, nylon self-locking nut, iron self-locking nut


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