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Handan Ouchen Metalwork Co.,Ltd.

Sheeps eye screw series, sheep eye nail series, broken nails, S hook, sheep eye gecko series casing, construction hooks.

Handan Gufeng Fastener Manufacturing Co. Ltd..

Double head bolt-fully threaded thread-high strength nut-heterotype nut-heterotype bolt, etc..

Handan Kuiyuan Fastener Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

High strength hexagonal bolt、Steel bolt、T-bolt、Spiral nail;Steel nut、High strength nut、Slot nut、Anchor nut、Heterotype nut

Hua Lei(Jiaxing)Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

Optical image screening machine, eddy current image screening machine, automatic packaging machine, automatic stamping and handling equipment, automated intelligent handling system process design.

Handan hongfa transportation facilities co. LTD

Highway guardrail bolts, guardrail plates, columns, column caps, block blocks, brackets, high strength bolts, hot dip galvanized bolts, anchor bolts, studs, u-bolts.

Handan Deli Fasteners Co.,Ltd.

Hex head steel bolt,shear stud welding bolt,TC bolt,anchors


DRYWALL SCREW, gypsum screw, chipboard screw.

Hebei Tianlong Fasteners Co., Ltd.

8.8, 10.9, 12.9 high-strength bolts, nuts, large hexagonal head steel structure connection pairs (can be processed with incoming materials); coal mine support accessories; railway, building accessories; national standard, German standard, American standard bolts and nuts; all kinds of special-shaped parts, non-standard parts (drawings/samples)


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